SpeedUp Venture Group is a leading group of venture funds, investing in enterprises in an early stage of development. Areas of our interest include enterprises and entrepreneurs in Central and Eastern Europe, who want to conquer the global market by utilizing their self-developed solutions.

Internet and new technologies are one of the most globalised areas of economy. It creates opportunities, but also entails risk, because in a world of technological entrepreneurship, it becomes difficult to replicate a success of businesses, whose main focus is a local market, what until recently, was driving a development of the European economies.

You'll find a complete description of what drives our investment strategy in our manifesto.


Over the last 10 years we have invested in more than a hundred companies, and thus built a huge experience based on the successes and failures of the companies in our portfolio. Each portfolio company is under the care of one of the Partners or investment managers. We focus on investments in projects that expect our commitment, knowledge and experience. We are not interested in transferring so-called "dumb money", i.e. capital without support and involvement of the Fund.

If we were to refer to F1, we are like a man in a pit stop who supports the driver. Each startup cooperating with us, depending on the needs, can count on real support in the area of market knowledge, management and access to the network.


SpeedUp Group invests in various stages of company development - from the seed stage, which means the moment when the prototype of the project is being created, up to Series A. As a group of Funds, we have a wide investment range. Depending on the requirements, growth potential and project maturity, we invest from EUR 200K to EUR 5M.

We are aware that a company with global ambitions must be prepared for at least several financing rounds, which is why we pay attention that after our investment the team has a majority stake.

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We invest in companies in exchange for stakes we'll want to sell when the time is right. We invest with a 3-8-year perspective, and our exit strategy is based on selling our shares to another investor from the industry, managerial buy-out, or initial public offering. As a venture capital fund, we take the risk and we realize that many of our investments won't make it, hence, we expect a more than average investment return from these few which will manage to grow.

There're many essential aspects that influence our decision on investing in a project, however, there're few we consider to be imperative:




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We analyze over a thousand projects a year, which reach us in various ways. Our preferred way of contacting us is through a recommendation letter written for you by someone from our business network. You may also reach us through LinkedIn or meet us during one of our start-up events, here in Poland or abroad .

Alternately, you may contact us via e-mail and send a description of your project in a form of pitch deck or teaser, however, it may take us a little longer to respond to your inquiry. Pitch-deck is a brief presentation of your project, team and development plans. Examples of good Pitch decks are available at: HERE

Don't send us a multiple-pages business plan. We prefer lean canvas as the ultimate way of presenting essential information regarding your project. If you don't know how to create a lean canvas – read THIS ARTICLE.

If you don't have a pitch deck or your own materials, you may always use our ready-to-use templates:

Please send all materials to: investments@speedupgroup.com - that's the only way your message will reach our analysis department.

We make every effort to read all questions and investment offers within a maximum of three weeks. If you want to receive our feedback regardless of our decision – please mention it in your message, and we'll surely send you a few tips and share our insights.

After making the first contact, you may also expect questions from us, and if your project is in the area of our interest – we'll invite you to meet with us. Sometimes it takes even several meetings to win our approval. It's very important that we really believe in your project's success, and that executing it is possible. If that's the case – we'll make you an offer and will talk about our cooperation in detail.

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