Hepta provides end-to-end inspection and analysis tools to automate your asset management. Our software provides a birds-eye view of the grid, our autonomous drones deliver best-in-class quality for hundreds of kilometers.
“Polish Spotify for books”. Legimi is an innovative technology company, whose main focus is on delivering complete solutions for distributing electronic content, including protection systems for e-books. SUPERVISOR - BARTŁOMIEJ GOLA
The world’s first stethoscope with body temperature measurement functionality and self-diagnosis system for home use. SUPERVISOR - MICHAŁ LEHMANN
The DevSkiller Talent Score platform automatically assesses the coding skills of candidates and employees with realistic, stack-specific coding tests focused on practical skills and problem-solving.
Fitatu is a mobile application and website that is used to control the calorie intake in your diet and the nutritional values such as protein, carbohydrates and fats.
Versabox zajmuje się produkcją autonomicznych robotów oraz rozwiązań cyfrowych kierowanych do branży logistycznej.
BUY.BOX is the first ready-to-use mini price comparison widget. Websites' owners can place it right next to descriptions of individual products. SUPERVISOR - BARTŁOMIEJ GOLA
Grafik Optymalny is an on-line employee schedule management application. SUPERVISOR - KUBA DUDEK
ZenCard is a “card-linked marketing” platform. Its clients – users of electronic payment market, as well as payment card holders – are offered to participate in convenient loyalty programs bundled with payment card systems. SUPERVISOR - BARTŁOMIEJ GOLA
IC Solutions opracowało unikatowy system IC Pen do digitalizacji dokumentacji z zachowaniem jej ważności prawnej wykorzystując do tego tablety, długopisy cyfrowe, ekrany do zbierania podpisów oraz skanery dokumentów.
Salesbook is a new generation end-to-end sales enablement tool for consultative sales. It makes selling complex products easy for mobile sales forces using intuitive client interaction tools and predictive analytics.
Extremely friendly and easy-to-use online tool for delegating and accounting production work for companies.
Survicate provides a software that collects data of websites visitors. This tool allows to run a precisely targeted research, which in turn helps the administrators to better understand the users. SUPERVISOR - MARCIN FEJFER
LiveCall selects the most prospective visitors on your website and engage tham into real-time voice conversations through the web browser. SUPERVISOR - MARCIN FEJFER
RealEye is a cloud-based solution for neuroscientists to simplify their work. It allows creating experiments, tracking participants, and analyzing the data - all in one place, online.
Simporter is an AI-driven software that predicts demand for new and existing products. With data sources ranging from social media to customer reviews, Simporter helps retailers and manufacturers successfully launch and market new products.
Absolvent.pl is a job-hunting platform allowing to find work with the help of contacts of social networking users. It also is a tool for individuals and companies aiding them in finding employees. SUPERVISOR - ARKADIUSZ PIECHOCKI
RemmedVR uses mobile VR technology to heal eyes diseases. They designed dedicated VR goggles and apps that enable patients to do vision therapy remotely at home.
Scramjet is a cloud platform that will allow you to provide cloud services in a serverless format.
Swapp! is a circular ecosystem designed for the sustainable consumption of daily-use FMCG products (like shampoo, soap, milk, yogurt etc.).
Manufacturer of 3d printers, targeting specialists-designers, it offers the biggest printing area available at prices accessible to all companies, and a comprehensive after-sales support. SUPERVISOR - BARTŁOMIEJ GOLA
Smart Reef is a smart online system that assists aquarists in managing their marine tanks. It works online via a browser on a laptop or an application on a phone or tablet.
InStream is a platform designed to manage relations with clients, which helps the company to easily and quickly turn leads into strong business relations. InStream allows to manage all information from one place. SUPERVISOR - MARCIN FEJFER
The Company is engaged in the development and commercialization of innovative pharmaceuticals for children.
Lubimyczytać.pl is the largest opinion-forming social network site for book lovers. Its users create an active, almost one-hundred-thousand members, community of readers. SUPERVISOR - BARTŁOMIEJ GOLA
Productz is an AI-powered encyclopedia of products. It’s helping users with product research by presenting all data in structured way. From technical specifications, editorial reviews, consumer ratings to use cases, Q&As and prices.
Sentimenti reads emotions, sentiment and arousal in the online space. We predict investor sentiment, diagnose brand communications. Artificial intelligence full of emotions.
EasySolar is a company from the field of solar energy. The company has created the world's first mobile application for designing and selling photovoltaic systems.
The company focuses on developing the Flow Analyze Machine project. Uses data mining technology, to allow game developers to automatically find user behavior patterns.
Electron Square allow engineers, developers and learners to rapidly develop a wide variety of fully functioning electronic systems
SOLO is a system to handle and accurately take information about strength training.
Infinity specializes in complex implementations of beacons-based technology systems. Beginning with need's analysis, through installation and programming of the beacons, ending on application development and SDK. SUPERVISOR - BARTŁOMIEJ GOLA
Clinwork is advanced cloud-based platform to boost power and intelligence of investigate sites. SUPERVISOR - TOMASZ CZAPLIŃSKI
Let's Deliver is a logistics company focusing on optimizing a process of delivering products in cities, by using a model similar to the popular Uber. SUPERVISOR - MARCIN FEJFER
Monster & Devices is a technological company, whose main area of research is image and depth processing. Their product – Touch Anywhere – allows to, easily and quickly, turn any surface into an interactive wall. SUPERVISOR - TOMASZ CZAPLIŃSKI
upSWOT technology serves dozens of financial institutions helping them to build loyalty and grow engagement among their SMB clients.
It's an internet platform offering designer clothes, accessories and home accessories. Mustache.pl helps the designers with promotion and provides them with tools that allow them to monitor the whole sales process. SUPERVISOR - TOMASZ CZAPLIŃSKI
The online electricity comparison platform. SUPERVISOR - MICHAŁ LEHMANN
ACR Systems does research, design, production and sales of highly sophisticated and advanced camera stabilisers based on brushless motor direct drive technology. SUPERVISOR - MARCIN FEJFER
Appetiq is platform for customers preordering in bars and restaurants, which provides and Uber-like experience for casual diners.
Solar Networks Sp. Z o.o. has worked out a prototype of a Mobile Solar Container (MSC), the device designed for gaining and converting the electric energy from the solar energy.
It's an intuitive creator of branded Facebook games. Used technology lets to put the campaign directly in the news feed, comments or wide-range services with full control over ongoing marketing activities. SUPERVISOR - BARTŁOMIEJ GOLA
Symu.co is an easy tool for webdesigners. With our system’s help you can present your projects on the internet browser. SUPERVISOR - MARCIN FEJFER
Unamo provides the tools to help every team unleash their full potential. SUPERVISOR - BARTŁOMIEJ GOLA
HotelOnline is a ridiculously simple app helping small and medium hotels build online presence and maximize revenue. SUPERVISOR - TOMASZ CZAPLIŃSKI
WearTech Solutions influences all dimensions of team communication increasing efficiency and optimization of operational activities. Our flagship device is the cWatch, which is available for retail, airport and medical trade.
Przeswietl.pl is a business information service that collects information about companies and entrepreneurs from multiple sources and presents it in one place. SUPERVISOR - BARTŁOMIEJ GOLA
BookLikes is a social networking service dedicated to enthusiasts of reading and discovering books. It operates in USA and Poland. SUPERVISOR - BARTŁOMIEJ GOLA
An online payment system platform offering, among others, complex solutions for accepting payment cards online (recurring payments, one-click payments, quick Pay-By-Link money transfers) and POS payment terminals. SUPERVISOR - TOMASZ CZAPLIŃSKI
The agency of market and opinion research – SW Research – is a leader and precursor in the internet-based social research. The company offers professional research solutions and analytical and consulting services. SW Research conducts both quantitive… SUPERVISOR - TOMASZ CZAPLIŃSKI
Okazjum.pl aggregates the best shopping deals in traditional trade. The service circulates promotional newsletters of all retail chains in Poland, and monitors promotions from over 38 thousand stores countrywide. SUPERVISOR - BARTŁOMIEJ GOLA
gramwzielone.pl – Poland's only comprehensive source of information from eco-conscious and energy-efficient technologies. SUPERVISOR - MICHAŁ LEHMANN
Storic allowing for discount coupons distribution and clearing as well as collecting sales data in off-line shops. SUPERVISOR - TOMASZ CZAPLIŃSKI
Traffic Trends is an Internet marketing agency focused on clients with e-commerce
Quant Technology LLC is a research-driven investment and technology development firm. SUPERVISOR - TOMASZ CZAPLIŃSKI
The company sells rehabilitation and orthopedic supplies. Their biggest innovation is a social module which enables its users to communicate and share their opinions and experiences on using the equipment with people suffering from similar disabilities. SUPERVISOR - MICHAŁ LEHMANN