SpeedUp is a group of venture capital funds
"The future is already here - it's just not very evenly distributed"
William Gibson
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SpeedUp Group

We are a group of Venture Capital funds formed by people who have been supporting the development of technology companies and involved in the development of the VC environment in CEE for years. We invest in the founders of companies at early stages of development (seed - Series A).
We cooperate with companies within the investment horizon of 3 to 8 years and the investment amount is between 50 thousand and 4 million Euro. We are interested in companies and entrepreneurs from Europe, mainly CEE, who create solutions in areas: consumer internet, electromobility, energy, fintech, martech, adtech, medtech, IoT and hardware. We're interested in technologies like Machine Learning, Picture Recognition and Artificial Intelligence..
Marc Andreessen's sentence “Software is eating the world”, resonates with us. We believe that the world is reaching a point where every process will be streamlined, and traditional human labour is going to be replaced by the computational power of machines and universal network access. We cannot stop this process, however, we can control it and build, on the basis of it, companies that would conquer the global markets.